At Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux, our motto is B Nice!

We believe kindness begins at home, so we’re all about community. We’ll help link you to the local cycling scene, to local artists and to some of our favorite charities. Also, our 3 is green for a reason. B3’s not just friendly, we’re eco-friendly. Our “green” 3 symbolizes our commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Since we opened our doors, we made the commitment to using Eco-friendly to-go packing made from sugar cane, corn and recycled paper. We recycle paper, plastic, aluminium and glass by products. We use washable plates, bowls, utensils and glassware to lessen our impact on the landfill. We minimize our carbon footprint and gasoline consumption by using local business partners. And we are one of the original members of the City of Orlando's Think Blue program which focuses on protecting our waterways. Whether caring for our planet or connecting with our local neighborhood, at B3, building community is at the heart of how we do business.

Do you know of a charity that needs support? Fill out and return this form to us and we'll gladly consider what we can do.

Follow the links to learn about some amazing organizations and people we think you should know about:

Local Cycling Scene
Local Artists
Favorite Charities


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