Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux boasts a delectable menu of organic, vegetarian, and/or low-fat items, each with a fun cycling tie-in (May we suggest the Maillot Jaune paired with an Alp de Huez Salad?). We serve breakfast, lunch, and evening lite bites as well as a special “Training Wheels” menu for the little ones.

Come in and taste our night-time-only menu available after 4:30 PM that features items such as Caprese salad, Bruchetta, Hot feta dip, Build-your-own quesadilla and a Build-your-own flatbread!

You’ll also find the finest beans and bottles at B3. We proudly brew Jittery Joe’s coffee (Wake-N-Bake, baby!), a favorite in the cycling community. Prefer a fine pour instead? Try a B3 wine or beer tour. Our wine and beer list follows the international cycling season so let your palate pedal its way from California to Italy to Paris.

We proudly offer gluten free bread and and gluten free beer on our menu.

Download the B3 Menu (PDF)

This month's seasonal soup: Roasted Red Pepper Tomato bisque - Roasted red pepper tomato bisque- Smooth red bell pepper puree is simmered with mirepoix vegetables and fire-roasted tomatoes in a rich vegetarian broth highlighted with smoky chipotle and sweet cream. Vegetarian.

House soup: Black Bean - Vegan, gluten free, high in protein and fiber. Optional toppings: red onion, sour cream (non-vegan) and cheddar cheese (non-vegan).

This season's salad: Spring mix, fresh green apples, craisins, granola and feta cheese. Balsamic vinaigrette served on the side.

This season's sandwich: Gourmet grilled cheese! Locally sourced, thick cut sour dough bread, three cheeses and our home made tomato chutney grilled to perfection.

This month's featured latte: Candy Cane or Egg Nog - Jittery Joe's Tour de Force espresso blended with your choice of milk, Monin peppermint syrup and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce. Also serving egg nog lattes made with real egg nog! Served hot or iced. Caffeinated or decaffeinated.

Whether you are feeling a little under the weather, or needing to keep your immunity up, you can add a packet of Immunity Boost vitamins to any hot or cold drink for only $0.85.

This month's featured gelato: Peppermint Mocha - Creamy, locally made, all natural chocolate gelato blended with refreshing peppermint.

Looking for another way to keep your sweet tooth at bay? Try delicious treats in our bakery case made by local vendors such as banana bread, pumpkin bread (seasonal), croissants, cookies, brownies, raspberry bars, 7 layer bars, muffins and cinnamon rolls! Also serving Vegan & Gluten free cookies!

This month's featured waffle: Black & White Chocolate Waffle- Our fluffy, made to order Belgian waffle topped with white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, nutrient-packed crunchy walnuts, and fresh whipped cream. Maple syrup served on the side.

Winter oatmeal is back! Oatmeal topped with raisins, dried cranberries, granola, almonds, brown sugar and honey.


Download this month's B3 Wine List

Wine: Wine with a New Age Flair

This holiday, get Zen with your wine while savoring the sweet flavor of New Age White Wine. Light yellow in color, this wine has vibrant, fruity and floral aromas of great intensity. Balanced acidity leads to soft, semi-sweet flavors. The slightly effervescent mouth feel makes this an extremely refreshing, vivacious and sensual wine leaving you seeking more ... (much like the pursuit of enlightenment).

The most popular way to enjoy New Age is on the rocks with a slice of lime. This refreshing drink is called "Tincho" after the drinks creator. Valentin Eduardo Bianchi, third-generation winery owner was given the nickname "Tincho" as a boy, a term of affection that, loosely translated, means "young Valentin" (as his grandfather was "older Valentin"). It is "Tincho" that first added the lime to the New Age White. "Tincho", the drink, quickly became one of the most popular, refreshing cocktails served in the restaurants, bars and nightclubs in trend-setting Buenos Aires. The Argentine tradition has caught on here in the United States.

Download this month's B3 Beer List

December Beers: Full Sail Session Beers

So, Prohibition ... how big of a bummer was that, right? (Luckily we were spared from living in such barbaric times). But the folks at Full Sail Brewing still honor those who had their brews taken away (and all the little independent breweries that were closed down) with the release of Session - a pre-Prohibition American lager how it used to taste.

Session Premium Lager - This is the Session that started it all, with that retro-cool red label and rock-paper-scissors under the caps. The original Session is a classic, all-malt lager that's crisp, smooth, and refreshing. Winner of multiple gold medals at the top national and international competitions, Session Premium Lager is a beer that truly crosses boundaries, from blue collar to white, red state to blue, cocktail bar to bar-be-que. ABV 5.1% IBU 18

Session Fest Lager - When Full Sail decided to brew a special Session for the holidays, they knew right away what color it had to be: Red (and full-bodied). Next, they considered what kind of head it should have. Bright white was the obvious answer. And as for the label? Gotta be green, right? So there you have it. A Session all decked out for holidays, ready to spread joy and cheer. Happy Holidays to one and all! And have a good Session.

To Go Menu and Platters (download PDF)
Have an office meeting, party, or school function coming up…or, maybe you just don’t feel like cooking? Let B3 help feed the masses. Our B3 Platters will fill lots of bellies without emptying your wallet.

Cafe Menu

CateringCatering Menu

Got a B3 craving but you're stuck at home or the office? No worries. Now you can have your favorite B3 food delivered right to your door thanks to our new partner, Doorstep Delivery.

For a minimum order of $12.50 and only a $3.99 delivery charge, Doorstep Delivery will pick up your order from B3 and deliver it to you in no time at all. They also gladly deliver our platters for when you have a larger group to feed.

Click on the top button for the cafe menu; and click on the bottom button for the catering menu.


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